Our Beers

About Our Beers

We do things a little differently around here. Most of our beers are open-fermented; they begin fermentation in large, unsealed stainless steel fermenters. It's there that we pitch them with our house culture, a unique blend of foraged bacteria and yeast from our family land in Callaway, Virginia, and a classic Belgian yeast strain. After that, many are sent into red wine barrels for an extended rest. Our beers take time, wild yeast and bacteria often take months to develop the complex flavors and character of our beers. But we believe they are worth the wait. See our menu below - all draught pours are 12oz and bottles are 750 mL.


For Miles Beligan Pale, 4.2%

As close to a flagship as we have, this beer is inspired by some of our favorite Belgian Ale producers.  Notes of orange peel, herbal/peppery hops and soft clove with a crisp, balancing bitterness.

For Always Oak-Aged Pale Ale, 4.8%

This is the oak-conditioned version of our Belgian Pale, For Miles.  A few additional months in oak with our house culture brings out more of the wild elements. This batch was also dry-hopped with Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Notes of white grape, asian pear and soft lemony tartness. 

Just Forever Farmhouse Pale, 4.5%

Our current hoppy offering, Just Forever spent six months in oak conditioning with our house yeast before being dry-hopped with whole leaf Simcoe.  Notes of candied grapefruit, mixed stone fruit, and soft oak tannins.  

Through Open Fields Rustic Blonde, 5.5%

This hybrid ale begins as an open fermented lager, without temperature control, before being laid to rest in oak barrels with our house mixed culture.  We get notes of bready lager yeast, soft white grape and a crackery, slightly tart finish.  Endlessly drinkable, pouring from our sidepull faucet.  

State of Mind: Coffee Dark Ale, 5.7%

A dark beer not quite like any other you've had. Not a porter or stout, despite it's dark color, this beer approximates more of a dark lager, fermented with our house mixed culture.  This version was conditioned with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee from the fine folks at RND Coffee.  Notes of light roast cold brew, mixed berry and toasted cocoa.


Botanique: Elderberry and Yarrow Blended Saison w/ elderberry and yarrow, 5.3%

The second iteration in our series of oak-aged Saisons conditioned with various botanicals. This one features locally grown Elderberry and Yarrow (a wildflower). Notes of sparkling wild ginger strawberry, mixed berry, and slight herbaceous spice. 

Other Suns Wheat Saison w/ Yuzu, 5.5%

Other Suns explores our house culture's interaction with various types of citrus. This second iteration features freshly zest and juiced Yuzu fruit from our friends at Bhumi Growers in Florence, New Jersey.  Notes of bright tropical citrus, subtle shaved coconut and lime pith. 

Nothing Stays the Same (Blend #1) Spelt Saison w/ Peaches, 6.5%

We blended two barrels of Inroads and conditioned them with local yellow peaches from Jamison's Orchards in addtion to dry-hopping with Citra.  The result is a bright and vibrant Saison with notes of juicy yellow peach, floral peach blossom with light acidity and funk.  

We also offer a selection of non-alcoholic options, including an Elderberry Shrub from Peace and Harmony Farms in Meadows of Dan, VA and Shanti Elixers Jun, a Green Tea Kombucha brewed in Asheville, NC.